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Healing with the Angels: Reiki & Meditation

Join Angel Intuitive & Reiki Master/Teacher Danielle Rae founder of A Rae of Light Wellness for her signature class Healing with the Angels in the Himalayan Salt Room! Class includes a discussion, channeled angelic meditation and healing. Everyone will receive Reiki healing and energetic clearing.  

60 minutes $44

Class Schedule:

Monday, 10/10 @ 10am

Tuesday, 10/25 @ 5:30 (New Moon inspired)

Monday 11/14 @ 10am

Wednesday, 11/30 @ 5:30

Wednesday, 12/7 @ 5:30 (Full Moon Inspired)

Monday, 12/19 @ 10am

Energetic Wellness Workshop

This class will provide you with an understanding of energy, the power of vibrational alignment, Law of Attraction and manifesting.


You will learn energetic hygiene tips including energetic cord cutting, and how to protect and clear your energy.


This class will also provide adiscussion, an Archangel Michael meditation and energy healing.

120 minutes $77


Class Schedule: 

Wednesday, 11/2 @ 5:30pm

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Crystal Chakra Healing Workshop

Join Angel Intuitive & Reiki Master/Teacher Danielle Rae founder of A Rae of Light Wellness for Crystal Chakra Healing in the Himalayan Salt Room! Class discussion basic understanding of the energetic body, the chakra system. When the chakras are in balance we feel productive, healthy, joyful, inflow, connected to our intuitive, balanced and centered. When they aren't we feel stuck, tired, sick mentally or physically, anxious and disconnected. Class will leave you feeling empowered, balanced, recharged and realigned. 


Class discussion provides a basic understanding of the energetic body, the chakra system. 

Chakra Meditation

Sound Healing

Reiki Energy Healing

7 Reiki Infused Crystals (one for each Chakra as a take home)

90 minutes $88


Class Schedule: 

Monday, 10/17 @ 10am


Reiki Training

Levels 1 & 2

Have you been wanting to study Reiki? Everyone has the ability to learn and facilitate Reiki. Whether you are looking to self heal or practice with others, Reiki is a simple and powerful energy healing modality. Danielle Rae has been teaching Reiki and mentoring teachers for over a decade! Danielle is an eclectic healer and an Angel Intuitive. She combines that energy in her teachings. Reiki has 4 levels taught in 2 parts. Spreading healing and light is a gift to be shared.


Reiki level one will enable you to activate the natural healing ability we all have access to. We cover the history of Usui Reiki, energy healing, energy clearing and scanning, cord cutting, hand placements for healing and the level one attunement. This training will enable you to do self-healing which leads to transformation and growth. Danielle is an angle Intuitive there is some angelic healing taught with this class. This class is ideal for those on a self-healing journey and those interested in energy work. After graduating level one you will be invited to a graduates group which will support you on your journey.

During Reiki level two you will deepen your Reiki knowledge, learn Reiki symbols, how to do distance healing, how to use Reiki to clear energy and receive the attunement.

Class schedule:

Sunday, 12/4 - 12-5pm 

Sunday, 12/11 - 12-5:30pm

Required books

Diane Stiene Reiki Essentials (brown book)


Recommended books

Louise Hay - You Can Heal Your Life

There is a $50 non refundable deposit at the time of sign up. Class must be paid in full before class begins


**For more information, contact Danielle at 

Reiki Training

Levels 3/Masterclass

Reiki Level 3/Master class will complete your training as a Reiki practitioner and will give you all the knowledge to successfully do self-healing and work on others including animals. Completing the Reiki Master training gives you all of the knowledge whether you are only using it for self-care or for service. Once you have completed this you will be ready to see clients and share your knowledge. Danielle is also here to guide you on your journey.

This class will be done in 4 parts.

Class schedule:

Sunday, 2/26 - 12-5:30om

Sunday, 3/5 - 12:30-5pm


**Prerequisite: Reiki Levels 1 & 2 w/ Danielle Rae** 


There is a $50 non refundable deposit at the time of sign up. Class must be paid in full before class begins.


**For more information, contact Danielle at