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Salt Therapy aka halotherapy is a powerful, natural treatment in a controlled air environment that simulates a natural salt cave micro-climate.  This is no health fad. From the ancient Greeks to modern-day doctors, medical experts have championed the amazing effects of salt therapy.

Our salt room provides 100% natural, effective, risk-free salt therapy treatments. A patented machine called a halo-generator produces a dry saline aerosol by mechanically crushing pharmaceutical grade rock salt grains to the size of 1 to 5 micrometers which is then blown into the room.  A halo-generator is considered the most important piece of equipment in transforming a chamber into a salt room. The salt-filled room provides a negative ion environment (much like the seashore), which contributes to well being and stress reduction.  For additional benefit the walls of salt therapy rooms are also covered with mineral salt.


Clean and clear airways allow more efficient oxygen distribution and increases the elimination of CO2 from the body.  The result is having more vitality and energy while being relaxed and having an increased ability to focus on daily tasks.


Asthma, Allergies, COPD, Sinusitis, Smokers Cough, Cystic Fibrosis - Regular and consistent halotherapy helps to manage respiratory conditions, reduce medications, and boost the immune system.  Clean and clear airways allow more efficient oxygen distribution and increases the elimination of the CO2 from the body.  The result is having more vitality and energy while being relaxed and having an increased ability to focus on daily tasks.


Regular and consistent halotherapy, in combination with your fitness routine, improves oxygen circulation and increases the overall sense of well being.  Halotherapy helps to expand the lung capacity, increase the oxygen intake, and boost endurance.


Halotherapy is an exposure to kinetically activated dry salt. Since dry salt is antibacterial and reduces the inflammation in the respiratory system and also improves skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and itching.  Dry salt is also a great natural anti-aging substance that can keep our skin looking clean, young and tight by stimulating the skin's micro circulation and balancing the skin's pH.  


Studies in Europe and Russia have confirmed that halotherapy is safe and helps children effectively manage existing respiratory conditions, support better breathing and build a strong immune system. Regular halotherapy, 2-3 times a week, can help prevent the common coughs, colds, runny nose and earaches.  In addition, regular halotherapy also calms the nervous system and helps children to focus better in school as well as sleep better at night.


How many sessions does a person need/how often does a person need a session?  

This varies per individual, and the condition that is being treated. Some conditions and milder symptoms will improve or dissipate within just a couple of sessions. You may have some relief after one session; however, for the best results we recommend a series of treatments. Those with chronic conditions most likely need to come twice a week for the first 6-8 weeks. Those who come for stress relief and relaxation simply come as often as they like. For many conditions, after a series of sessions, symptoms subside and relief can last for several months before another session is needed. It can also be used as a preventative measure to strengthen the immune system against colds, cough, allergies, and sinus. 

Is salt treatment safe for children? 

It is definitely safe for children. There are no potential harmful effects. The treatment is completely natural and in fact, children often respond to treatment faster than adults. At Salt of the Earth we offer both children and adult sessions.  Children can play with books, puzzles, and toys while receiving the benefits of salt therapy. 

What should be worn to a salt treatment?  

Basically, you want to be comfortable. Loose clothing that you can relax in is best. If you have a skin condition you may want to wear something that exposes more skin. For those without skin conditions such as (dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis)...these conditions are not contagious and cannot be passed from one person the other. The salt in the air will not harm or be noticeable on your clothes.  Shoes are not worn in the salt room, so maybe something that is easily slipped on and off.  (We have booties or spa slides that are optional should you have sensitive feet or prefer not to go barefoot.) 

What kind of experience will you have in the salt room?  

You will enter a room where the floor is covered in course Pink Himalayan salt. We offer zero gravity chairs to relax in and two floor pallets. The lights will be dimmed and relaxing spa music will be playing softly in the background.  Most people take this time to relax and meditate.   The temperature in the room is controlled to provide an optimal experience.  Children’s sessions are designed to bring fun and enjoyment with toys, books, and puzzles while they receive their salt therapy treatment.  We provide “sand box” toys but feel free to bring your child’s favorite toy or book.  Adult sessions are 45 minutes and children sessions are 30 minutes. You may notice a faint trace of salt on your lips after the session. 

What are, if any, side effects of the salt treatment?  

Typically there are none. Few individuals have experienced a slight throat tickle, maybe some coughing, which can be treated with drinking water. Some people may also experience slightly runny nose.  This is a good sign!  That means the salt is working and helping break up the fluids in your sinus cavities and chest.  This is the body draining the mucous buildup. 

Is salt treatment like being at the beach?  

The effects of breathing in the dry salt aerosol in our salt room is far greater than that of breathing in wet air from the ocean. Dry salt is able to move through both the upper and lower respiratory tracts where wet salt can only reach the upper airways.  The salt covering the floor does feel similar to sand at the beach and will make your skin feel great!

Does salt therapy effect patients with high blood pressure or on medication? 

No. Consuming too much salt is linked to high blood pressure. With salt therapy, you are inhaling a dry salt aerosol which only enters your respiratory system not your digestion tract. The salt particles are so fine that even if you were to eat that amount it would not pose a risk to your health.  It is fine to continue your medications as you need and as directed by your doctor. Since salt therapy is all-natural it does not have any interactive effects with medications. Often, individuals who undergo salt therapy will find that they are less dependent on certain medication and that their symptoms are less frequent and less severe.  You should however, talk to your doctor before ceasing any medications. 

$20 - Salt Session 

$125 - Private Salt Session 

$18 - Senior Salt Session (60+)

$12 / $25 - Child Session / Parent-Child Session


Salt Room Packages

3 Session Package  $45

Salt Room Memberships

1 visit per week - $50

2 visits per week - $80

Unlimited - $110